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RTE-Motorsport is a company which offers versatile motorsport services for all drivers
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RTE-Motorsport (RTE Group Oy) is a finnish motorsport company which provides wide range of high quality products and services for all motorsport people. Customer service is handled by highly experienced rally driver mr. Janne Eronen.

RTE-Motorsport start its' operations in 2004. Since then we've purpoisefully grown into current state. Nowadays we import and sell motorsport products for several Scandinavian resales companies and for huge bunch of satisfied private customers in Finland as well as all around Europe.

Click and view images of our premises which are located in Varkaus, Finland
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Please be welcomed to get to know us and our products and services and remember to read our latest news!

1.11.2016 - Alpinestars products import
Our wide product range selection now includes famous Alpinestars driving gears!

1.6.2016 - MRF rally tyres import
To fullfill our rally tyres range we're now an official importer of MRF rally tyres.

1.1.2016 - Probolt import
We're now an official importer of British manufacturer of titan, roster and aluminium attachment devices.

1.4.2015 BG-Racing import
BG-Racing is a British motorsport service area product manufacturer which has widened its' product range to steering wheel additional products. We're now an official importer of their products!

1.12.2014 Lazer Lamps developement co-operation

RTE-Motorsport is an official test and developement company for Lazer Lamps manufacturer.

1.5.2014 - Lifeline extinguishers and fire systems
We now represent British Lifeline extinguisher system products. Please click for more information at manufacturer website: http://www.lifeline-fire.co.uk/motorsport

2.1.2014 - Go Pro Hero action cameras
We're now an official resale company for americal sports and helmet cam GoPro products.
For more information click to our webshop at www.rtemotorsport.net/shop.

August 29th 2012 - Next generation neck protection device
We're now an official importer and resales company of Simpson Hybrid neck protection device which is used by many professional motorsport people!
You can use same seats and safety belts with or without Hybrid neck protection device!
- Designed to maximize safety and comfortability.
- Protects impacts from all directions
- High quality, light-weight carbon fibre
- FIA approved 8858-2010
- SFI 38.1 certificated, Nascar approved
More information can be found at our webshop!

August 28th 2012 - New website published!
For over eight years we've strongly been a big part of Finnish motorsport scene. To provide even better products and services for our customers we've now published a complitely new website to suit for current day demands. Graphical design and technical coding as well as rapid update service is offered by highly appreciated website partner MediaGuru Jack Bacon. Please be welcomed to have a visit in our new site!

26.8.2012 - Only victories for Kumho rally tyre drivers in Heinola Jari-Pekka Historic rally - Nine top Historic group positions for Kumho customers

In a sixth round of Finnish Historic Rally Championship series, which was driven at fourth Saturday of August in region of Heinola, Kumho tyre drivers collected highest trophies in groups of Historic, overall aswell as in A- and B-juniors.

Besides group victories driven by mr. Tuomo Liukkonen, mr. Tuomo Hanonen, mr. Sami Tuominen, mr. Tommi Järvinen, mr. Pekka Laaksonen and mr. Esa Peltonen top nine positions in Historic group was driven by Kumho tyre drivers. Also top three overall group and winners of A- and B-juniors were also driven by Kumho tyres

Kumho Rally tyre importer, mr. Janne Eronen from RTE-Motorsport was very satisfied when reviewing the results.

- After a nearly perfect result our drivers took from Lahti Historic European Rally Championship event Kumho drivers also made very impressive job in sixth round of Finnish Historic Rally Championship series. Eight of twelve possible podium positions is a big achievement for Kumho, told Eronen.

- Let results speak for themselves and tell what is needed to be told from the competitiveness of our Kumho tyres, Eronen continues.

Kumho Rally Tyres services are next located in Leppävirta FRC-Rally sprint and in Tampere F-Cup and in final round of Finnish Rally Championship series which is to be driven in region of Kerava. RTE-Motorsport welcomes all clients to have a visit in its' service area.

Jari-Pekka Historic rally final results August 25th 2012:

Historic overall classifications, Top-9:
1. Tommi Järvinen & Jarno Saarinen, Sunbeam Avenger 1600 GT, 39:19,6 (Kumho)
2. Sami Jaakkola & Juhani Tukeinen, Ford Escort Twincam, +4,1sek (Kumho)
3. Pekka Laaksonen & Jukka Mustonen, Ford Escort RS 2000, +15,9sek (Kumho)
4. Esa Peltonen & Veli-Matti Haljala, Toyota Starlet, +36,5sek (Kumho)
5. Tuomo Hannonen & Joni Mäkelä, Ford Escort RS 2000, +1:08,1sek (Kumho)
6. Janne Kanerva & Harri Kanerva, Volvo 142 S, +1:20,4sek (Kumho)
7. Sami Tuominen & Juha Karpiola, Ford Escort 1300 GT, +1:25,3sek (Kumho)
8. Petri Pesu & Urpo Kivirinta, Ford Escort 1300 GT, +1:25,5sek (Kumho)
9. Petteri Sappinen & Tiina Nuutinen, Talbot Sunbeam ti 1.6, +1:32,2sek (Kumho)

General group overall classifications, Top-3:
1. Jaska Nuorala & Henri Sinkkonen, Volvo 240, 37:24,1 (Kumho)
2. Tero Salminen & Pasi Törmä, Volvo 240, +29,9sek (Kumho)
3. Petri Kumpulainen & Juha Järnström, Toyota Corolla GT, +40,7sek (Kumho)

Victory in A-juniors:
1. Petteri Paavilainen & Mika Väisänen, Opel Kadett GSi 16V, +38:37,0 (Kumho)

Victory in B-juniors:
1. Topi Tulla & Rauno Penttonen, Honda Civic Type-R, 39:46,1 (Kumho)

20.8.2012 - Kumho Tyre customers in excellent speed - Only top results from Lahti Historic, Xerox and Merikievari FRC-rallies

Speedy rally autumn season had a successful start for Kumho Tyre customers in Lahti Historic, Xerox and Merikievari FRC-rally as lots of podium and other top positions were driven by products of Korean tyre manufacturer.

In a long period of time the most remarkable result was made by Kumho tyre driver mr. Marko Mänty as he and his co-driver mr. Joni Mäkelä were fastest 2WD and third fastest in overall classifications with their FWD Honda Civic Type-R right after winner mr. Esapekka Lappi who drove by 4WD Ford Fiesta S2000 and silver medalist mr. Juha Salo who drove by 4WD Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X rally car.

Further success from Merikievari FRC-rally for Kumho Tyres was brought by mr. Teemu Asunmaa who kept fastest pace in Suomi Cup F-group and mr. Esa Ruotsalainen who was third fastest.

Also in Lahti European Historic Rally Championship round Kumho Tyre drivers collected trophies including overall victory. Flying Finn mr. Veli-Matti Saarelainen kept fastest pace and mr. Janne Lindberg, mr. Tuomo Liukkonen, mr. Tuomo Hannonen, mr. Sami Jaakkola and mr. Esa Peltonen sweet group victories for Kumho Tyres. Furthermore other podium positions driven by mr. Janne Levänen, mr. Hannu Korhonen and mr. Pentti Veikkanen kept Kumho Tyre importer mr. Janne Eronen from RTE-Motorsport smile wide.

And as in Xerox rally mr. Henri Kolsi kept fastest pace and mr. Ilmo Lario, mr. Jere Rekola and mr. Heikki Lappalainen drove excellent group victories it can be said that Kumho Tyres are now taken its' place as the most suitable rally tyre for Finnish gravel stages.
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