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Company presentation

RTE-Motorsport (RTE Group Oy) is a motorsport-based specialty company that serves all motorsport customers with a wide range of products and high quality services. Experienced rally drivers Esapekka Lappi and Janne Eronen are responsible for customer service.

We’re established in 2004. Since then we have purposefully increased our products range and service quality. Today, we import and sell motorsport products to several dealers in the Nordic countries and to a large number of satisfied private customers both in Finland and elsewhere in Europe.

Our online store is open 24/7. Due to our very large selection, only about 5% of our products are in the online store. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then contact us and ask it.


Our wide and high-quality product range supports your success in motorsport

During our years of operation, as well as the know-how gained from our competitive activities, we have noticed how in motorsports some things are simply better than others.

With deep experience, we have chosen for our product family those products that really improve your competitiveness and the durability of your car!

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We import Pirelli rally tyres, renowned tyre manufacturer of the motorsport industry.

Ideal for both Gravel and Snow Pirelli tyres are a top choice for racers seeking to optimize their vehicle's performance in various challenging conditions.


As an official distributor of OMP, one of the leading manufacturers in racing safety equipment, we offer a comprehensive range of racing suits, helmets, gloves, shoes and other OMP products

Kumho Motorsport tyres

We import rally, rallycross, circuit racing and drifting tires, which are very popular in Finland.

Kumho’s gravel, asphalt and track tires offer excellent grip on both dry and wet surfaces!

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Braid rims

Braid’s durable and light rims are a reliable choice!

We are a Braid rim importer and from us you can get the right rims for your car as a car! Please note that you will receive custom-made rims at no extra cost!

Find out more at and contact us about your needs!

Alpinestars driving gear

We are the official importer of Alpinestars which is the best-known and highest-quality riding equipment manufacturer on the market!

In our wide stock you can find riding suits, shoes, underwear, gloves and other Alpinestars products.

Lazer lamps

We have been on the same road to the lazer light factory since 2015. The range includes the best additional lights on the market for racing and civil cars and work machinery. Learn more at and get in touch about your needs!


We represent the English fire extinguishing system manufacturer Lifeline with high quality products.

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Tilton Engineering is a nearly 50-year-old U.S. racing parts manufacturer. Their product ranges include high-quality brake and transmission parts. We import and stock Tilton Engineering products. Learn more at

Lindros Trailers

We represent high quality trailers made by Polish LindrosTrailersin.

Each trailer is manufactured as tailor-made and build by using components provided by AL-KO, Hella, Mefro and Magnetti Marelli.

Each trailer is on DEKRA-approved.

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The importance of lubricants in motorsports can never be underestimated.

When driving with state-of-the-art racing vehicles, it is extremely important to remain competitive even when the technology is hot.

We offer Castrol and Gulf quality lubricants for your competition.

Racing equipments

The best possible racing equipment and supplies can be found in the background of a successful motorsport competor.

We represent quality products from Sparco, Sabelt, Stilo, Puma, OMP, Stand 21, Simpson, Grayston, Bell, Marina Racewear, Eibach and K&N.

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In motorsport, in addition to car technology and, above all, the competitiveness of tires, the greatest importance for making a result is found in shock absorption.

To achieve maximum tire grip, the suspension must ensure that the wheel stays on the road. We represent the high-quality product range of Reiger Suspension, Bilstein and TEIN, which are proven to provide the keys to success!

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Although brakes are a lethal to speed, their importance in racing can never be underestimated.

When driving in thousandths of a second, in addition to the correct braking points, braking power is also of great importance.

We represent the high-quality product range of AP-Racing, Alcon, Brembo, Fedoro, Endless, Tilton and Carbone Lorraine. Not to mention Goodridge and JLS’s connector & hose range.

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Pit tents

We represent multiple tent manufacturers and therefore we are able to offer a wide range of tents for fast delivery, from 3x3m to 4x8m.

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We are a partner of MoTeC Finland, the official importer of MoTeC products. Through us you get all the products needed for engine control of your competition car.

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Tools and clothing

In tools and clothing, we represent the Stahlwille, Sonic, Tengtools, Milwaukee, L.Brador, Blåkläder, Guide and Luna product families.

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Marina Racewear

We import the equipment of the highly popular Marina racewear. As a specialty, the only strech riding suit on the market whose popularity has surprised positively. Custom made suits quickly and cheaply, ask for a quote!


Bell helmets as well as Zeronoise units & pace note headphones have been in our range since 2021. The products are the best on the market in terms of quality.


K-nuts fastening accessories are used by all factory stables both on the track and in the rally. Weight savings are achieved by using CrMo material and thinning material thicknesses.


We have wide range of services just and exclusively for your competitiveness!

In addition to the hiqh quality products we represent, we often serve all motorsport people at the competition venue.

In the service area of rally events, we are a familiar sight with Kumho’s rally tire services. At our premises, which are located in city of Varkaus, we provide all technical support, construction and maintenance services for motorsports, taping, textile printing and other graphic design services. You can also get AVIS replacement car services through us.

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Toyota Yaris N5 4WD for rent to rallyes!
  • Suitable f.ex Finnish Rally FRC2 group
  • 1600cc turbo engine (300hp / 400Nm)
  • Sequental gearbox (Samsonas)
  • Reiger suspension (285mm level)
  • AP-Racing brakes
  • Motec Ecu, Dash, PDM ja Keypad

More information coming soon!

Tyre services

We are an importer of Pirelli and Kumho racing tires. We serve our customers both from our premises which are located in city of Varkaus and from the service areas of selected rallyevents.

In addition, we also sell and install summer and winter tires for civilian cars.


Our premises is located in city of Varkaus. Our media office offers a wide range of services, from the implementation of drivers’ and maintenance equipment and the layouts of civil cars to smaller logo and text sticker services. Please contact us for more details!

Textile printing

When you want to stand out from the mass, our textile printing offers a solution! We carry out even the most demanding textile prints, from T-shirts to winter overalls and, above all, to banners and other team printed products! Please contact us for more details!

Graphic design

The elegantly designed graphic look creates a first impression that is sure to stay in everyone’s mind. Give us the graphic look of your team and / or your company and we guarantee you will not be disappointed! Please contact us for more details!

Machining and metal services

We implement versatile machining and metal services even on a fast schedule! Please contact us for more details!

Contact information

Ask for more information about the products and services we represent!

Call us or send an email – We’re known of rapid service!

Our staff will serve you in all matters related to motorsports!

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