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Wide and high quality product range is based to help better results for you
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Kumho Motorsport renkaat
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During our years of operations we've gained lots of know-how from all motorsport areas. In this time we've just noticed how in motorsport some things just are better than others. With deep experience we've select only the best products in our product family which really improve your competitiveness and your car durability!

Kumho Motorsport tyres
We're official importer of Kumto Motorsport tyres. RTE-Motorsport iimports rally, rally cross, racing and drifting tyres for gravel, tarmac and circuit surfaces. Kumho Motorsport tyres offers the best possible grip for dry and wet conditions. For more information please click to www.kumhomotorsport.fi.

Braid rims
Very durable and light-weight Braid rims are an excellent choise for your competition as well as for your civil cars. We're an official importer of Braid rims and therefore we can offer you the best rims no matter what your car is. Please be noted that without extra costs you'll get rims made by your needs and desires! For more information please click to www.braid.es and contact us to place your order!

Alpinestars driving gears
The best-known and highest-quality motorsport competition equipment manufacturer on the market! In our wide range stock you can find driving suits, shoes, underwear, gloves and other Alpinestars products. We are the official importer of Alpinestars.

Lazer lisävalot
We have been a reseller for lazer light factory since 2015. Their product range includes the best additional lights on the market for racing cars, civilian cars and work machines. Find out more at https://www.lazerlamps.com and get in touch with us about your needs!

We represent British Lifeline extinguisher system products. Please click for more information at manufacturer website: http://www.lifeline-fire.co.uk/motorsport

Tilton Engineering is a nearly 50-year-old U.S. racing parts manufacturer. Their product range includes high-quality brake and transmission parts. We import and stock Tilton Engineering products. https://tiltonracing.com.

In motorsport the meaning of lubricants cannot never be belittled. When driving with top-tuned competition cars it is very vital to be able to maintain competitiveness even the times when the car technics is running hot. For your competition action we offer high quality and highly appreciated products made by Castrol, Valvoline, Motul and Gulf.

Competition equipment
For driver who wants to gain success uses best possible products and services we offer well-known motorsport products like Sparco, Sabelt, Stilo, Puma, Omp, Stand 21, Simpson, Greyston, Eibach and K&N filters. For more information click to our webshop at www.rtemotorsport.net/shop.

In motorsport car technics as well as tyre competitiveness, the most important part for success comes from dampers. To gain maximum tyre grip the dampers has to make sure that the wheel stays on the road. We represent high quality damper products provided by Reiger Suspension and Tei. For more information click to our webshop at shop.rtemotorsport.net.

In motorsport the brakes are in high role which never cannot be underestimated. We represent products from AP-Racing, Alcon, Brembo, Fedoro and Carbone Lorraine and not forgetting Goodrige and JLS coupling and piping selections. For more information click to our webshop at shop.rtemotorsport.net.

Service tents
We represent several tent manufactures and therefore we can offer a rapid delivery of tents size of 3x3m to size 4x8m. Contact us and ask for more information!

We're an official partner for MoTeC Finland and represent their MoTeC-products. All high quality engine control units, dashboards, data collectors etc are now available thru us. Contact us and ask for more information!

Tools and clothes
We represent products provided by Stahlwille, Sonic, Tengtools, Milwaukee, L.Brador, Blåkläder, Guide and Luna. For more information click to our webshop at shop.rtemotorsport.net.
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