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Janne Eronen (at right) and
co-driver Ville Mäkelä (at left)

Janne Eronen, age of 34 (Entrepneur)
3rd in Finnish Rally Championship series 2017
Fastest debutant in WRC Rally Finland 2015
1st in WRC Rally Finland 2015 gr. N
1st in Arctic Lapland Rally 2010 WRC-group
Finnish Rally Suomi Cup Champion 2009
1st in FRC O.K. Auto rally 2009 WRC-group
2nd in Arctic Lapland Rally 2009 WRC-group
3rd in Arctic Lapland Rally 2008 WRC-group
Co-driver: Ville Mäkelä
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3.3.2019 - Janne Eronen wasn't able to match his speed with Toyota GR86 in FRC Itärally

Highslide JSIn third and final winter round of the Finnish Rally Championship series, which was driven in east border of Finland, Flying Finn Janne Eronen and his co-driver Ville Mäkelä tackled with troubles and weren't able to reach their goals with Toyota Motorsport GT86 rally car. After colorful and snowy events they finished the rally in 6th position in FRC4-group.

Preparations for the rally went well as in test stage they found good setup for the new car. However the rally didn't go as planned because tricky winter conditions didn't suit for the RWD rally car. Also Finns were denied from the podium by a small driving mistake which cost lots of valuable competition time.

Highslide JS- After first kilometre of the first stage I knowledge myself that we will lose a lot because it was very narrow road with lots of loose snow on it. Then on next stage I pushed harder and hit a snow bank right at the start of the stage so that we lost all possibilities to drive for Podium positions, Eronen admited.

- Our fellow competitors also reported that it was nearly impossible to drive on heavy snow. Practically it was just competing with recce speed and therefore I'm very frustrated because we couldn't measure the speed of our Toyota GT86 rally car. However I want to have a new try later on gravel surface, Eronen continued.

Final results Joensuu FRC-Itärally 2019: FRC4-group, Top-7:
1. Jesse Turunen & Kari Kallio, Honda Civic Type-R, 58:36,4
2. Sami Korvola & Asko Kujala, Ford Fiesta ST, +1:58,6sec
3. Jani Seppälä & Pasi Lahtinen, Honda Civic Type-R, +2:37,1sec
4. Jani Lahtinen & Kimmo Halttunen, Honda Civic Type-R, +2:59,6sec
5. Toni Lauronen & Lassi Turunen, Honda Civic Type-R, +3:20,6sec
6. Janne Eronen & Ville Mäkelä, Toyota GT86, +3:39,9sec
7. Teemu Kiiski & Sami Jokioinen, Ford Fiesta 1.6, +5:59,4sec

- 29.05.2018 - Eronen 2nd in Finnish Rallysprint Champ series after tarmac events
- 15.03.2018 - Eronen is leading Finnish Rallysprint Championship series after winter
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